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St. Patrick’s Day Bash

This year, in an effort to bring in new members, the Auxiliary hosted a social event on St. Patrick’s Day. Fun was had by all with a casual theme, “Eat, Drink and Be Irish” and the evening included delicious appetizers, drinks and Mouse Races. If you haven’t seen mice race, you won’t want to miss it next year!

The races function similar to horse races. The evening starts with a Calcutta where eight mice are auctioned off individually to the highest bidder. Then the mice earn points based upon their performance in eight races, that can also be bid on. Any proceeds from the event were designated towards the “Stop the Bleed” Campaign.

The ‘Stop the Bleed’ campaign was initiated to help ensure prompt access to life-saving, easy-to-use hemorrhage control resources. Whether a professional rescuer or a layperson immediate responder, anyone can administer simple medical care to victims that stops hemorrhaging.

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